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This will link you to a the whole sites that Woodlands Ring Secondary students created. They make website to gather friends when they are online or special way of dedicating to their class. Sometimes, this site is created just for fun or just wanna let the world know about the small place they are in. No matter what was put up this site, no harms meant. Have fun surfing the great sites created by our school mates. 
Created and maintained by Cripperz Prodigy team. WRSS (Woodlands Ring Student Site) is created for students in singapore.
Created and maintained by SeeMei. She is a member of Ah Xiong community who got their own channel at GalaxyNet called #wrss .
Created by SeeMei. This magazine feeds on the interest of WRSS students and stuffs on teens
Site created for her channel at galaxynet called #cute_kia . Nice site with pics of themselves.
Site created by Amir. He is a member of Cripperz Prodigy. Regular nick is Fakerz
Personal homepage of Hasbullah. He is a member of Cripperz Prodigy. Join in his community at . Regular nick is NiCripz .
Site is maintained by Cripperz Prodigy Team. Mostly worked out by Rizal (movexz) and the site receives quite a good hit every mont by visitors from Asia region.
Site created by LiFei of secondary 2e4 (WRSS). Great site. Contain votes and stuffs of her own class.
Site created by Muhd Hasbullah. Contains tons of webmasters resource and teens interest. Site is always under constructive managements. New stuffs added weekly.
Site of Herny. She is a gorgeous and popular babe in Woodlands Ring. Don't believe?....well get to see her pictures in this community. First, you must join in if you got, or account. If you dun have of these account, you can always have few shots of her pic at .